I worked with Jeff for four years. During that time, I witnessed his continual commitment to excellence in work that was for our customer (GM) and for IBM. In addition, and this is unusual in tech savvy SME's, Jeff repeatedly demonstrated wonderful relationship-building strengths. His soft skills are well-developed and part of his overall success package. He can sense how the customer is feeling, and he builds strong relationships with customers and colleagues. Jeff helped us create a leadership development workshop for our team called "Becoming a Trusted Advisor". He ought to know - it takes not just expertise, but sound relationships with customers. Jeff is a great asset to IBM. I recommend him without hesitation. 

Maureen Monte
Author & Leadership Consultant

 I had the privilege and pleasure to work with Jeff for 4 years at General Motors on a variety of IT Enterprise Architecture projects. Jeff is very knowledgeable and technically skilled, as well being a great "people person". It is a testament to his abilities that, long after leaving the GM account, he is still greatly missed -- and frequently mentioned -- by the client. Jeff would be a major asset on any architecture team. 

Martin James
Senior IT Architect, IBM

 I had the great pleasure of having Jeff Long on my team in support of the Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture IT function at General Motors. Jeff is a model of integrity and personal responsibility - he always does what he says he will, and gives 110% to the job at hand. Jeff is a self-starter and required little or no direction to accomplish his tasks. Jeff did a particularly good job working on an outage analysis consultative study, which was highly valued by the GM IT leaders. When the client asked our team to adopt agile practices and leverage an open-source product lifecycle management tool to automate IT processes, Jeff dove right in, became an expert on the tool, and quickly adapted to the client's preferred agile method (DSDM). I'd be happy to work with Jeff again anytime. 

Jim Lederer
Executive IT Architect/Project Manager, IBM

 Jeff is a highly accomplished Architect that proved to be a great mentor and leader during the time I worked with him. He has the highest level of expertise in complex system architecture, design, software methodology and service delivery. To this day, I am impressed with ability to perform detailed analysis on complex concepts and produce easy to understand documentation for non-technical audiences. Jeff is a great team player and an even better person that worked well with everyone on an engagement with multi-vendor teams. I admire his natural ability to be meticulousness, effective and efficient. He was valuable confidant to a scrutinizing client which spoke volumes about his skills. 

Mwandama Mutanuka
Senior BPM Architect - Appian Practice Director, Perficient

 Jeffrey is an experienced architect, capable of succeeding in any technical IT environment. Excellent customer relationship skills, outstanding team work, effective coaching abilities and outstanding work ethic are the strengths he brings to his assignments. Jeffrey has a thorough understanding and working knowledge of sound architecture principles and applies them in both application software and infrastructure subject matter. 

Ann-Marie Krul
Executive Program Manager, IBM

 This is without a doubt one of the best Excel tools ever created, in my opinion. The documentation, the forethought, the ease of use - not only is it incredibly easy to create Graphviz files with this tool, but it's a great segway into the DOT language and Graphviz in general. So powerful because it's so easy to use. If you have a need for Graphviz, but are unsure how to develop with it, this tool will make your life *easy*. 

SourceForge User of Excel to Graphviz