#2 - Analytical

My Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder assessment describes my Analytical strength as follows:

"Driven by your talents, you normally direct most of your talent, energy, effort, and reasoning to the task at hand. Your good judgment probably allows you to establish long-term goals that are truly worthy of your undivided attention. Instinctively, you customarily search for pertinent facts and relevant data to reconstruct the chain of events that produced a problem or an opportunity. You prefer reasonable explanations. Because of your strengths, you enjoy the company of thoughtful historians. You carefully listen as they unravel the mysteries contained in historic documents, diaries, speeches, events, artifacts, or data. You probably admire the way they isolate the essential facts and discard irrelevant, nonfactual information. It’s very likely that you routinely study the factors coming together to create a situation. You definitely appreciate individuals who invite you to share your findings. It is not your style to boldly talk about your research. However, someone you trust can encourage you to speak. Chances are good that you are a no-nonsense person. People generally notice that you carefully think through things before taking action. Many have watched you break down an idea into its basic parts. Others have seen you dissect a process into its steps. You tend to be quite businesslike. Even so, many individuals appreciate your cheerfulness, liveliness, and optimism about life."

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