#3 - Harmony

My Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder assessment describes my Harmony strength as follows:

"It’s very likely that you derive pleasure from simply being ranked in the topmost group when objective comparisons are made — that is, when your results and everyone else’s are calculated the same way. Being a practical individual, you realize it is not always possible to earn top honors. This is apt to be one reason why you rejoice when you qualify as one of the most outstanding performers. Driven by your talents, you characteristically look for practical explanations to inform your thinking. Armed with this information, you can treat people, groups, programs, or budgets equally. Instinctively, you adopted a practical outlook on life during childhood. You figured out how to avoid “rocking the boat” — that is, how not to cause trouble or disrupt an otherwise stable situation. This was true in your relationships with not only children, but also adults. Today, you have a knack for treating everyone the same. You want the environment and everyone in it, including yourself, to behave in a predictable, calm, and cordial manner. By nature, you concentrate on having fun when playing games and want others to do the same. You probably stress the importance of getting along — that is, working together in a friendly way. You can sense the instant when one or more people start feeling angry, frustrated, or upset. You are apt to say, “Remember, this is only a game. If we cannot enjoy ourselves, we ought to stop playing right now.” Chances are good that you frequently count on specialists to help you arrive at the correct solution, decision, or conclusion. Whenever you choose to work alone on an assignment, you still turn to people with expertise for direction."

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