#4 - Relator

My Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder assessment describes my Relator strength as follows:

"Chances are good that you sometimes aid people by sharing your point of view. You might be more forthcoming — that is, frank or direct — when someone asks for your impressions about a particular person, event, or situation. Driven by your talents, you may sense people depend on you to clarify abstract ideas. Perhaps your ability is appreciated when someone or a group needs to understand an intricate system, problem, rule, procedure, contract, or design. Because of your strengths, you may exercise good judgment or demonstrate common sense when congratulating someone. Your comments might be sparing. However, some of them might carry weight. Certain people might value your compliments. Perhaps particular individuals grow personally or professionally because you call attention to their specific moments of excellence. To some extent, they understand that any recognition you give them is hard won. Instinctively, you embody the adage: “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” You deliver peak performances when you can tackle a task. You experience tremendous satisfaction each time you accomplish something. You probably like being held accountable for your actions and words. By nature, you may relate to individuals better when you pay attention as they describe their goals. Because being liked is important to you, you might set out to convince people that you understand their desires, wants, or needs."

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