#5 - Adaptability

My Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder assessment describes my Adaptability strength as follows:

"Chances are good that you spontaneously gravitate to roles where you can handle tasks or deal with issues the moment they arise. Life is wonderful when you have the freedom to do what you decide is necessary. You probably are grumpy on the days you are forced to follow rigid schedules or procedures. Driven by your talents, you picture yourself handling situations and issues that could arise in the coming months, years, or decades. You mentally rehearse what you plan to do in various worst-case and best-case scenarios. Your forethought prepares you to deal with whatever happens. You are a flexible person. You are not easily flustered by unexpected events, problems, or opportunities. By nature, you feel that life is good when you take time to envision how you will react to future situations. Forethought usually helps you adjust to unexpected problems. It also permits you to take advantage of new opportunities by altering your plans. It’s very likely that you feel much more upbeat about life when you can simply deal with situations as they arise. You have little interest in engineering exactly how you want a plan to unfold. You probably are responsive by nature. Because of your strengths, you think about the present and enjoy the moment. You know it is impermanent — that is, it does not last forever. You struggle to deal with people who are rooted in the past, those who can see only the future, or those who are caught up in the stresses of the day. For you, it is tiring to spend much time with individuals who are constantly busy or moving so fast they fail to enjoy their lives minute by wondrous minute."

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